TechSee Live Call Center

Revolutionizing Customer Support and Experience with an Intelligent Live Call Center Platform

At the turn of the 21st century, the world experienced a paradigm shift towards a digital age. With the internet becoming a global phenomenon, businesses streamlined and improved their functions with the aid of ever-changing technology.

Today, we have entered the era of virtual or augmented reality and computer intelligence. When these are combined with the human touch, businesses are able to create better customer experiences.

The Hub of Customer Expectation Management

Call centers or contact centers are the meccas of managing customer experiences. In the past, it was heavily reliant on telephonic conversations. As the world of technology progressed, email, text messaging, and live chat over the internet became the norm.

TechSee takes that aid to the next level by equipping call centers with visual guidance. The TechSee Live Call Center technology enjoys the combination of an effective communication application that closes the visual gap between customers and customer service agents.

Four Steps to Issue Management

With only 4 steps, the platform allows the agents to have a clear picture of what’s wrong. By connecting to the Live Call Center via a browser on their smartphone, they can use the camera to show the agent what’s wrong.

The agent, on the other end, can visualize and grasp the customer’s issue. By directly looking at the problem, the agents get a better understanding of the problem than they would have had if the customer tried to explain it.

The next step in the process involves the agent using Augmented Reality tools contained within TechSee’s platform to show the customer how to fix the issue. By circling problem areas, such as disconnected or wrongly connected wires, broken equipment, etc., they can provide visuals.

During this process, the customer is in contact with the agent, receiving the help that they need. In the end, the customer can visually confirm if the problem was addressed and fixed properly.

Managing TechSee’s Live Call Center

AMX Solutions is a combination of highly talented and skilled people whose continuous learning gives us the insights and knowledge required to understand new technology.

Well-versed in the intricacies of how TechSee’s Live Call Center works, we ensure that we are able to provide the utmost support in its maintenance. Whether your company deals with gaming equipment or household appliances, the platform ensures that your customers are able to get proper support for their issues.

We install, configure, train and maintain this platform so your contact center agents are equipped with visual guidance. Here at AMX Solutions, you can expect the utmost level of support without any compromises in quality.

If you require our services for increasing your contact center’s Live Call Center efficiency, give us a call today.