Live Chat Co-Browsing

Guide Valuable Visitors to Your Site with our live chat co-browsing software :

Today an average of 30 percent of all service transactions take place online.

“90% of customers find live chat co-browsing experience beneficial. Are you taking advantage of this easy to offer conversation channel?”

Kissmetrics has written an excellent article about the importance of this channel for customers, specially when they are looking for products and services. Live chat co-browsing it is a very effictive communication channels, it is allowing to have multiple conversation with the same agent making it more affordable than the traditional voice call agent. Live web support using active live chat co-browsing software transfers traditional service experiences in the virtual world of the internet. During live chat co-browsing, an agent (Mediatrix WEB SCOUT) joins the website visitor and tours the site together. This is done without the need for specialist software installation or prior adjustment of visited content. A virtual consultation develops – also called ‘live chat co-browsing’. By the end of the 1990s, ITyX had already started with the development of live chat co-browsing for guided live web support. Since continuously improved the technology. Live Chat Co-browsing is used in Mediatrix WEB SCOUT. The technology can be operated on encrypted content and offers many individual functions with flexible configurations.  

AMX Technology for Live Chat Co-Browsing includes:

  • Joint visit of internet contents (collaborative/shared browsing)
  • Joint completion of forms (shared web forms)
  • Forwarding of sessions to available specialists (session forward)
  • Visualization of contents through ad-visor arrow (telemarketer)
  • No adjustment on the internet content
  • Cross browser compatible
  • SaaS model available

Image: Web content can be operated simultaneously and in real-time: During live chat co-browsing, the application acts as ‘agent’ between the browsers of the conversation partners (visitor and customer service staff)