Enabling Integration of Dynamic AI Solutions for Improved Customer Services

Customer experiences are of paramount importance for every business. They give brands the chance to prove that they care about their customers and their journey with the brand. The slightest mismanagement of customer service can lead to a bad word of mouth tarnishing your reputation.

Today, at the peak of technology, we have access to endless possibilities of improving how our businesses work. The culmination of developments within artificial intelligence furthers the efforts of creating seamless customer experiences.

Koopid’s Customer Service Solutions for the Modern Business

With the prime focus on improving and simplifying conversational engagement, Koopid wants to create support channels that enhance the overall customer experience a brand offers at the end of the line.

Koopid’s mantra of working lies within the premise that explains the company’s creation. The belief that companies and customers should have transparent and persistent connection drives Koopid’s creative processes.

Working various technologies together, they have created solutions that achieve what the company’s premise maintains. Three efficient systems exist, which blend visual interfaces, conversational AI (artificial intelligence), and live agent interactions.

 Each system delivers a completely different set of benefits and features, yet has the commonality of improving customer experience. The focus on radical changes to the architecture of customer experience management integrates expanding what’s at the core.

The Omni-Channel Virtual Assistant

The first Koopid solution, this Omni-Channel VA system lets AI do the talking. Whether its email, messaging, mobile, or web consumer messaging, the virtual assistant takes care of them. It allows users to have their issues resolved through a self-service workflow.

The Collaborative Live Assist

Combining AI with live communication, this solution lets your customer care agents or VAs continue conversations. It also allows you to use AI to tackle repetitive problems. The mobile or web interface acts as a point of reference when speaking or chatting with a user.

Contact Center Digital Overlay

Visual engagement is shown to provide better results and more satisfied customers, especially when they are looking for a solution for a query. The digital overlay is comprised of a sophisticated conversational self-service interface. The platform integrates mobile messaging, web chat, and video calling options for dynamic and visually-engaging communication.

Integrating Systems for better Customer Service Options

AMX Solutions has a team in place that is well-versed with all three Koopid solutions. Each member boasts laudable skills and insights that enable them to be effective in their applications.

They take a meticulous approach to their work, going beyond simply installing the systems. Proper configuration, training, and continued maintenance are a part of what we offer. We will ensure that Koopid’s systems serve you right and give you the chance to maintain consistent customer service processes.

If you require AMX Solutions’s services for installing, configuring, and maintaining Koopid Solutions, give us a call today.